About the Podcast

Scary ghosts, haunted places, and cursed items, oh my! Haunt Her? I Barely Know Her! is a paranormal podcast hosted by Katie Groves and Zoe Knowlton. Each hostess takes a turn trying to scare the other into never sleeping again! Join us every Friday with your favorite snack and beverage for some spooky stories.

Zoe Knowlton

Growing up in a small Tennessee city, Zoe discovered her love for whiskey and ghost stories. She was always fascinated with the paranormal, and spent much of her time watching movies and reality ghost hunting shows when most people were watching cartoons. After a misspent youth visiting haunted places, it’s no surprise she teamed up with Katie to create Haunt Her? I Barely Know Her!

Zoe is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science, and works in the existential dread of customer service. She hopes to one day become a full time content creator featuring her mane of gorgeous red hair. She can usually be found at local coffee shops getting her daily fix, or in local parks in her hammock. She, her husband Gary, and their fur babies, Bastion and Fredrick, reside in Tennessee.

Katie Groves

Born in Connecticut, Katie moved to Tennessee at the age of 4 with her family. She was brought up in a northern, slightly haunted home which she still lives in today. Shows and movies about the paranormal always intrigued Katie, however, they would always scare her for weeks on end. Having hauntings occur in her own home and enjoying paranormal media, these unfortunate events brought Katie to the worst conclusion to start Haunt Her? I Barely Know Her! podcast with Zoe.

Today, Katie holds a Master’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, but due to the pandemic, was unable to land a job. In the meantime, she and Zoe work on the podcast, 6 feet apart, to keep Katie from losing her sanity. One day, Katie hopes to put her master’s degree to use by inventing a piece of equipment that can aid in paranormal research. You can find Katie in the mornings at the gym weight lifting to ensure her biceps can crush the patriarchy. She also enjoys playing video games with her friends and mains Ganondorf in Super Smash Bros.